What’s your privacy policy?

We will not disclose information provided by you to anyone without your explicit written permission, unless required by state or federal law or by court order. See Privacy Policy for those who want the full details.

Do you have an RSS feed? How do I find the URL (web address) to set it up?

Yes, we have an RSS feed at http://kamama.us/feed or right click on the RSS symbol at the top or bottom of any page and click on ‘copy link address’ and paste it into your news reader. RSS readers are available for browsers, some are standalone software, and some are included with email readers such as Outlook and Thunderbird.

Can I find your podcasts on YouTube?

You bet! In the upper right corner of each page is a YouTube icon. Click on that icon to take you to our YouTube page where all of the podcasts are available. You can also go directly to them using the url https://youtube.com/user/gdmobilepro. You can also subscribe to our YouTube based podcasts by clicking on the subscribe button on the YouTube page.

Does Kamama LLC have another website?

Of course! The primary website for Kamama LLC is http://kamama.net. Kamama.us is dedicated to our podcasts.

Where did the name Kamama come from?

The name of our organization, Kamama, came from Georgia’s wonderful childhood memories with her grandparents aboard their Chris-Craft cabin cruiser named Kamama.